Didn't See That Coming: Keen.com Unveils Ads To Address COVID-19 Uncertainty

Although the psychic network Keen.com didn’t foresee COVID-19, the company is addressing the pandemic’s havoc with new ads addressing concerns of the network’s customer base.

A new TV spot, developed in-house with SF-based video production shop Alchemy is based on survey responses of more than 250 psychic advisors.

The narrative thread pieces together a journey where the psychic advisor acted as a confidante and provided much-needed counsel, explains Stacey Grotz, Sr. Director of Marketing, Keen. “The overwhelming feedback from our advisors was that customers are really uncertain about the future and are experiencing anxiousness.”

The messaging encourages viewers to “step into themselves — and into their futures — with peace, clarity, and power.”

Sample the work here.



The creative has been assembled in what has become advertising’s new normal. The brand used existing, unused footage from a previous shoot with the entire team working remotely.

The media buy has been configured from pre-pandemic planning and runs across Bravo, HGTV, OWN, SYFY, Oxygen, Lifetime Movie Network, Lifetime WeTV and E!

The Spiritual Readings category has surged 140% over the past few weeks as Americans increasingly turn to tarot card readers, mediums, and others supposedly gifted with heightened intuition for guidance and clarity during the pandemic.

Keen.com, for its part, has experienced a 52% jump in new customers in Q1 2020 compared to the same time last year.

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