Sarbacane Group Acquires Datananas, B2B Lead Prospecting Firm

Sarbacane Group, a France-based marketing software publisher and parent of Mailify, has acquired Datananas, a French startup that helps B2B companies with their prospecting. 

Datananas provides a lead relationship management tool that allows sales teams to personalized prospecting sequence via email and calls.

Mailify, based in Barcelona, helps B2B teams communicate with their inbound contacts database, the company says.

The company now has a volume of €11million, and expects to reach €25 million by 2025.    

“This B2B solution is perfectly complementary to the Mailify offer and aims to provide a wider range of marketing tools for SMBs and large companies," states Mathieu Tarnus, CEO and founder of the Sarbacane & Mailify group.




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