Report Delineates Ad Price Deflation For 2020: U.S., Europe Most Disrupted

The disruption to global media markets caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is crashing demand, and consequently, prices for most of the major media, according to a special report released by ECI Media Management.

On a global basis, all traditional media will see steep price cuts -- ranging from a decline of nearly 6% for TV ad prices two significant double-digit cuts for print media -- for full-year 2020.

Even digital media, which had been growing at health rates coming into 2020, will see their ad prices stall on a global basis. Digital display will decline 0.3% while digital video -- the high-demand "premium" inventory within digital -- will see ad prices rise just 1.3%.

The deflationary effects are more pronounced in some regions, especially the most developed markets in North American and Europe, while Asia Pacific will actually see some price inflation for key media.

Ad prices in the U.S. will dive for all media (see below).



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