Web Hosting Firm Aims To Boost SEO, Email Deliverability With 'Co-Cloud' Service

Web hosting provider Verpex has launched a “co-cloud” hosting service that it says will improve email deliverability and search results for brands.

The company, founded in 2018, works with multiple cloud data centers, including Amazon AWS, Google Cloud and Digital Ocean. 

These arrangements ensure that “our customers and their visitors have the best overall web experience," states Kris Erdelsk, a senior systems engineer at Verpex Hosting.

Erdelsk adds, "The entire world is moving away from the model of physical data centers toward cloud computing, and now web hosting has joined in." 

The firm says a website’s geographic IP address has an impact on a SEO rankings, and that firms need to use a server located near their visitors. 

Powered by cPanel, a hosting control panel, Verpex also provides outbound mail filtering, allowing better deliverability and less risk of ending up in spam folders, the company says. Verpex also helps users install WordPress.

The company offers hosting plans ranging from $3.99 to $79 per month.

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