Conductor $1M COVID-19 Relief Grant Kicks Off

The Conductor Foundation since 2011 has given grants to nonprofits based on the work they do. Now the philanthropic arm of the SEO software company, Conductor, plans to expand its grant program to businesses that are helping to stop the spread of COVID-19, such as those that make and provide masks.

It has been a difficult few months for many individuals and companies. “We wanted to help companies out there doing good by helping to stop the disease or supporting their communities,” said Pat Reinhart, Conductor VP of digital strategies.

Beginning today, grants become available to nonprofit and for-profit enterprises to help them boost visibility and continue supporting their communities. These companies go above and beyond to help people navigate the challenges associated with pandemic.

Conductor, which will accept applications through June 5, plans to give up to $1 million in technology and services to organizations fighting the disease or running COVID-19 relief initiatives.

Grant recipients receive access to free technology and services for six months to help boost visibility and support communities. Services include having access to an SEO strategist to help them grow and manage campaigns. “We know it’s a small gesture, but we’re excited to give to businesses in need,” Reinhart said.

When asked to provide an estimate of the donation per business, Reinhart said it’s typically anywhere between $30,000 and $40,000 per applicant for technology, time and services, but can vary greatly. Some companies may require more or less.

The size of the organization receiving the grant also will vary. The Conductor Foundation in the past has given grants to organization such as the 9/11 Memorial Foundation, and St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

Conductor is on a mission to find companies that want to help communities and essential workers.

It is one of many companies giving technology and services to those on the front lines or supporting those who stand behind to support them. Most, however, are major corporations such as Google, Microsoft, and Yelp.

Brands also have supported workers. Examples include the boot maker Tecovas, which donated 100% of the sales from its bandanas to Direct Relief, an international nonprofit organization that distributes personal protection equipment to front-line workers in the battle against COVID-19. Efforts raised more than $40,000.

Stanley Black & Decker  donated three million face masks and other personal protective equipment to frontline health care workers and first responders. The company pledged $4 million to support nonprofit organizations helping with COVID-19 response efforts.



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