Verizon Media, Dugout Form Global Advertising Partnership

Football/soccer-focused digital media company Dugout has signed to provide Verizon Media with exclusive advertising packages to be marketed through Verizon’s sales teams and self-serve demand-side platform (DSP).

Dugout, owned by 10 of the world’s largest football clubs, works with clubs and leagues worldwide to repackage and distribute their video content. The produces and distributes more than 2,500 videos per month that are published to each club’s Dugout library, then distributed across its platforms and global network of publishers.

Dugout claims to deliver 400 million views, and 60 million unique users, per month.

As part of the deal, Verizon’s Yahoo Sports will gain access to the Dugout’s video library comprising aggregated video from the top league clubs.

The Dugout content will be integrated into the Verizon Media brands portfolio offered through the company’s Media Ad Platforms.



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