Performance Marketing, Advertising Blazes New Trails In Search, Digital

Performance advertising and marketing will become the dominant strategy in 2020 -- especially now as companies emerge from COVID-19 lockdown and every dollar invested in a campaign must have clear and measurable goals. Data can back the results, but not always. Marketers must rethink ways to explore options to connect with consumers.

Welcome to the first edition of Search & Performance Marketing Daily. Notice the keywords “search” and “performance” in the new name of your newsletter. While the emphasis remains on search advertising and marketing topics -- with news about Google, Microsoft Advertising and other companies -- the content also will present ideas, tips and news about performance in all types of media.

For example, Microsoft Advertising will soon release a feature called Custom Combination Lists, where advertisers can create combined audience segments using existing remarketing lists. Today, companies are testing it in a pilot, but it’s scheduled for release to all within the next two months. The same situation is happening at Customer Match, where advertisers use email addresses that customers have shared to reengage with them.



Microsoft Advertising also plans to launch what Christi Olson, head of evangelism at Microsoft, calls “disclaimers in ads,” which can mean anything from “yes we’re open for business” to “yes, we offer curbside pickup.” This feature would focus on any message a store might need, especially now as COVID-19 restrictions on store openings change frequently.

In Search & Performance Marketing Daily you also will read and learn about how to prove performance in a variety of media, not only in search. We will look at performance in a range of other areas such as voice, out-of-home, video, television and radio.

If you have a tip or idea, drop me a note. I would love to hear from you.

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