Lotame Introduces Cookieless Tool For Publishers, Marketers

Lotame is looking to help publishers, marketers and agencies leverage their first-, second- and third-party data with a new suite of data enrichment solutions called Lotame Panorama.

The suite is built to help users find new customers, increase engagement and grow revenue across cookie-free web browsers like Safari, Firefox and Chrome, mobile apps and OTT environments through two dedicated solutions. One is intended for marketers and agencies, the other for publishers and media companies.

Panorama launches as publishers and others that rely on widespread data sets struggle to find the scale they need.

Jason Downie, Chief Revenue Officer at Lotame, stated: “Bridging together customers’ online and offline lives has been a persistent industry dilemma that was made even more complicated with recent browser changes. To solve for this, we developed Panorama which enables a fuller view of activity that is actionable across a connected ecosystem, even in cookie-challenged or first-party-cookie-only environments.”



Each of the suite’s three data enrichment services in powered by Cartographer, Lotame’s ID graph technology.

The three services include Panorama Insights, which connects users’ first-party data to second- and third-party data across the web, mobile and OTT devices. The feature encompasses more than 250 online and offline data providers through a set of data tools and analysis.

Data-enrichment solution Panorama Buyer connects attributes and behaviors across first-, second- and third-party data to create addressable audiences, while Panorama Seller allows publishers to set exact CPMs in cookie-challenged environments. Seller lets publishers monetize the entirety of their inventory across the web, mobile apps and OTT through direct or programmatic advertising.

The company has tapped Ruby Brenden as head of data products as it moves forward with the launch. Brendan will develop Panorama Insights for its host of clients, among other responsibilities.

Brenden joins Lotame following roles with Hava Media Group, AppNexus and Comscore.


To drive Panorama Insights forward, Lotame has appointed Ruby Brenden as Head of Data Products. Ruby’s responsibilities include developing Panorama Insights for marketers, agencies, and publishers into the single source for data-driven storytelling and audience creation.


Brenden stated: “I am excited to launch Panorama, a solution that is exactly what the industry needs as third-party cookies start fading out. Insights will give marketers and agencies a single, trusted place to uncover relevant data stories and build smarter, addressable audiences, which means better advertising for consumers.” 

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