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Ally Partners With Katie Couric For 'The Bright Side'

Ally has enlisted TV personality Katie Couric for a sponsored online video series to highlight stories of good happening in response to the pandemic. 

The first episode of “The Bright Side,” which posted to YouTube on April 23, shows how a community managed to make a socially distanced wedding memorable.

The second episode (May 8) highlights a group of school principals and parents in Junction City, Oregon, who are working overtime to lift kids’ spirits.

The third episode (May 15) features a formerly homeless man who founded a nonprofit to affirm the dignity of the unsheltered by giving them a voice and a community.

The latest episode (May 22) shows how a medical student and her therapy dog continue to brighten the lives of hospital workers remotely. 



In each episode, financial services company Ally made a donation toward the cause espoused, as Couric discloses at the end of the 3-minute segments. 

Andrea Brimmer, chief marketing and public relations officer at Ally, discusses with Marketing Daily the impetus for the series and the partnership with Couric.   

Question:  Can you discuss how the subjects were selected? 

Answer:  Our team scoured the web and social media to find stories of people doing amazing things in these difficult times. We wanted the everyday hero who is making the most of their situations by featuring stories of how people and communities rise up in hard times to support each other.

Q: Why is Katie Couric a good fit for Ally? 

A: We value Katie’s approach to storytelling and have great respect for her journalistic capabilities. Ally signed on an anchor partner for her Wake Up Call Newsletter because we share the same values.

She always wants to focus on the silver linings -- and, especially during COVID-19, she has turned her attention to stories of hope and perseverance, which aligns with how the Ally brand views the world.

Q:  Has the number of views so far exceeded expectations?  

A: The engagement we’ve seen has been incredible. We believe it is a true testament to the idea that people are desperate for positive and uplifting content right now. The first video has 2.4 million views on YouTube, and to date the second episode has nearly 2 million views.

Q: Do you believe these videos are reaching the right people? 

A: Amplifying the message to Katie’s audience along with targeting people who are actively searching for positive stories on YouTube help us reach our target audience. Specifically, we are targeting people who use search terms like "feel good story” and “positive story” on YouTube to serve them these videos.

Q:  What was the impetus for the series?

A: We felt strongly that consumers were becoming inundated with advertisements laden with sad piano music and we wanted to provide some much needed joy and hope for them. We believe that people want and need glimmers of joy and hope in their lives right now. Our expectation was always that these videos would be shared, so while we are targeting Katie’s audience and our target audience, the goal was always that it could spread joy to anyone who sees it.

These are stories about the best in humanity, and that is for everyone, not just a specific group of people.

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