Advertisers In New Zealand First To Receive Google Ad Credits

Google Ads credits began rolling out, with the first applied to customers with billing addresses in New Zealand. Emails are being sent to the primary account contact for customers in countries who receive an ad credit.

This is the first phase of Google's program to provide $340 million in Google Ads credit to advertisers — eligible small and medium-sized companies.

The ad credit amount varies by customer and their past spend on Google Ads, their billing address in the country, and the currency of the Google Ads account. Each eligible customer will receive one credit, up to a maximum or equivalent of $1,000.

The ad credits are intended to show support for small businesses, according to Google’s post.

Google will accept the ad credit -- which is good through December 31, 2020 -- for future purchases on Google Ads, and it cannot be used for past or present bills.

These ad credits will be applicable across the Google Ads platform including Search, Display, and YouTube as well as all campaign types.



In March, Google said it would donate 800 million to support small businesses and facilitate the production of masks and ventilators.

The support is intended to help small businesses weather the economic crisis created by the COVID-19 pandemic. Small businesses not only depend on Google to support performance marketing strategies, but Google also depends on these businesses to thrive.

There is no application process to apply for the credit. The ad credits are applied automatically to eligible customer accounts.

Along with the ad credits, Google has been working on teaching businesses how to work remotely, offering free services on Google Meet, Google Cloud, and Google Drive.

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