Watch This Clickbait Before Facts Set The Record Straight

The President's reelection campaign teased its newest spot with an email subject line guaranteed to generate opens -- and views: "Watch this new ad before it gets banned."

The video, which has not been banned by YouTube (see embed below), probably won't be taken down, but it should get fact-checked, especially for its opening assertion: "The great American comeback has begun -- a record 2.5 million new jobs in May. And we're just getting started."

Starting what, lying? If so, they started doing that a long time ago.

The "new jobs" claim in May is at best a spin job, and at worst, an unabashed lie and misrepresentation of bogus data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Even if the bureau's May data was accurate, it doesn't indicate new jobs were created, but that the nation's unemployment rate declined from 14.7% in April to 13.3% in May. While that percentage-point change represents about 2.5 million Americans, it doesn't explicitly mean they benefited from the creation of new jobs, just that they were no longer on the claiming of unemployment compensation.



It also would mean that May had the second-greatest unemployment rate since the Great Depression.

But that assumes the data released last week was accurate. It wasn't. According to the bureau, the data released last week included a miscalculation it has made for March, April and May and that the actual unemployment rates are much higher: 16.3% in May and 19.7% in April.

According to various reports, the White House had no influence on the bureau's errors, but it wasted no time getting out in front of the disclosure and spinning it as "stupendous."

And now the misrepresentation is baked into the President's reelection campaign advertising, which is actually exempt from being "banned" by most digital platforms because of their policies governing misinformation in political ads.

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