Has Talent Spin Blogging Marketing Support will have its stars, writers, and producers do some extra marketing spin by offering up weekly blogs for a number of CBS' prime-time shows. is now featuring blogs from "CSI: Miami," "Survivor: Guatemala," "How I Met Your Mother," and "Ghost Whisperer." In the coming weeks, will unveil blogs for "Threshold," "NCIS," and "The Amazing Race: Family Edition."

Larry Kramer, president of CBS Digital Media, said in a release: "We're confident these blogs will help drive traffic to our sites, while also increasing the visibility of these series on a whole new platform--and build an even stronger relationship with the viewers."

For instance, "The Ghost Whisperer" co-executive producer and famed medium James Van Praagh writes a blog providing behind-the-scenes information and goings-on in the spirit world.

And for "Survivor: Guatemala," the whole cast of contestants will contribute, analyzing the action and game strategy in Guatemala.

In other Internet news, CBS will offer free audio downloads of select CBS programs on the iTunes Music Store. Entertainment, news, and sports shows will include "60 Minutes," "Face the Nation," and "Guiding Light," as well as CBS Digital Media properties, "Survivor Live," "Soap Box," and "NFL Today Hot Topic." CBS Radio News will also be made available, as well as other programming from CBS digital media,,, and CBS



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