Google News Initiative Launches Slate Of Analytics Tools

The Google News Initiative is building on its News Consumer Insights (NCI) and Realtime Content Insights (RCI) offering with a new suite of analytics tools aimed to help news organizations maximize the impact of available data. 

Launched today, the GNI’s new tools and updates include News tagging Guide (NTG), NCI 2.0 (NCI) and RCI 2.0.

“With these free tools, we’ve been focused on simplifying the data available to news publishers. While many partners have seen positive results (like Lee Enterprises, which grew their digital subscriptions business by three times), we knew we could do more to evolve our framework,” Amy Adams Harding, director of analytics and revenue optimization, news and publishing, wrote in a blog post.



Like NCI and RCI, NTG was built on top of Google Analytics. Through this tool, publishers are able to identify audience engagement metrics that allow them to measure, generate code for implementation and unlock new insights.

The tool was created in close collaboration with news organizations that worked with GNI to identify the most useful data points. The result is data grouped into three categories, which include video analytics, reader engagement and reader revenue.

NCI 2.0 was informed by GNI’s work with publishers like Time Inc and Village Media and provides users with personalized business recommendations aimed at increasing audience and revenue.

“In this new version, we’ve created a decision engine that generates custom advice for news publishers based on their Google Analytics data. For example, our decision engine can identify if a publication’s newsletter sign-ups are low and serve a suggestion on how to grow this audience. This allows publishers to spend less time analyzing data and more time acting on business recommendations,” Harding wrote.

RCI 2.0 revamped version builds on the tool’s ability to bring users access to real-time article performance, which allows newsrooms to deliver content valuable to readers. T

The latest version adds video content to RCI’s capabilities, in addition to a historic performance section, which calculates how content has performed over time, rather than only in the moment or day. 



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