Catalina To Add Streamers' Promotions To In-Store Media Network, Via Tiny Horse Deal

Catalina has signed with marketing services firm Tiny Horse to bring video and music/audio promotions for streaming services and entertainment studios into the supermarkets and drug stores that participate in Catalina’s customer data-driven in-store media network. 

Catalina’s in-store network, which reaches 91 million U.S. households monthly, has long been used by CPG marketers to deliver personalized promotions and offers to shoppers. 

Tiny Horse, now owned by Team Whistle, will be the network’s exclusive provider of video, gaming and music/audio promotions for streamers and entertainment studios. The services will use the network to make targeted offers such as discounts on movie rentals and SVOD subscriptions. 

Catalina and Tiny Horse are pitching the in-store network as an attractive media option for streaming services that are seeing fluctuating results from other out-of-home vehicles due to reduced travel during the COVID epidemic. Supermarkets and drug stores are still among the only consistently open types of retail outlets, they point out.



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