Area 23 Turns To Social Distancing Experts For New COVID-19 Campaign

FCB Health Network’s AREA 23 is turning to social distancing experts — those suffering from cystic fibrosis — to help teens continue to be proactive in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

“The Social Distance Squad” recognizes individuals with CF are required to social distance due to their genetic condition and their expertise and experience could help other teens by banding together to share their lockdown tips, wisdom and support. 

One AREA 23 creative who had experience working for a pharma brand had an epiphany: “Kids with CF have been doing this all their lives. What if we made them our experts?” explains an agency representative.

The agency has an ongoing pro-bono relationship with the CF organization Claire’s Place and AREA 23 , then added four additional CF organizations to recruit the “squad” of specialists for the campaign.



The multichannel platform facilitates the sharing of encouraging and inspiring stories, and quick tips ranging from how to stay connected and happy during lockdowns, to how to talk with friends about agreeing to social distance ground rules to safely visit or get together.

After first debuting with primarily Q&A sessions, the campaign evolved to video lessons running on Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and TikTok. Also, teens can now sign up for mediated one-on-one and group sessions with Squad members to request expert advice on the areas that have been their greatest concern.

“The reaction has been immediate. We’ve seen kids in virtual classes express a different outlook after meeting with the Squad, seeing opportunities instead of frustrations,” says Logan Allanson, creative director, AREA 23. “And it’s not just kids being uplifted, but teachers and parents too.”

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