Litmus Adds Visual Editor And Other Tools To Email Platform

Litmus, a provider of email services, has added several new features to its platform, including a visual editor, that it claims can reduce email development time. 

The objective is to streamline the process and help teams collaborate, the company says. 

"It takes 53% of brands two weeks or longer to produce a single email because of complicated and lengthy collaboration and review processes," states Erik Nierenberg, CEO of Litmus. 

Nierenberg adds, “We realize it can be frustrating when not all marketing team members can interact directly and collaboratively within a martech platform.”

According to Litmus, the new tools include:

  • Visual Editor in Litmus Builder empowers marketers without technical coding knowledge to quickly create on-brand emails. 
  • Litmus Email Analytics updates will help brands to apply insights from their email marketing to other channels. 
  • New folder sharing capabilities will allow email stakeholders to collaborate on multi-email campaigns and keep dynamic content versions in one place.

Nierenberg contends that the platform is designed to “make email creation easy for all— even marketers with no coding experience.”

One client, Meredith Corporation, touts the new offerings. 

“We send emails to millions of users each week; with over 150 newsletters across 20+ brands to account for, every minute matters to us,” states Jesse Blanner, design director, Meredith Digital at Meredith Corporation. 

Blanner continues, “Creating email at scale can be difficult, and Litmus’ Visual Editor helps minimize the technical challenges and guesswork that come with coding.”

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