National TV Spend Skyrockets For Premium Streamers

Video streaming platforms continue to see soaring airings and total TV spending, due to new premium streamers.

From June 21 through July 20, video streamers spent $106.7 million in national TV marketing spend versus $16.1 million for the same period a year ago, according to

Over that year-long period, Disney+, Apple TV+, HBO Max and Peacock have launched premium video platforms.

National TV impressions for the most recent period are at 12 billion, versus 2.9 billion a year ago. Total national TV airings are also higher -- 53,462 airings versus 19,135.

The biggest individual spender was Amazon Prime Video, at $33.1 million.

Largest total impressions per individual streamer over the most recent period: Disney+ (2.1 billion). Peacock at 1.53 billion); Amazon Prime Video (1.45 billion); Hulu (1.14 billion); and Apple TV+ (762 million).  HBO Max is at 584 million.



In addition to paid advertising, Disney+, Hulu, Peacock and HBO Max posted big impressions from non-paid TV advertising, due to airings on sister linear TV network divisions.

In terms of TV networks on the receiving end of paid advertising, the NBC Television Network got the most in estimated TV spend over the most recent month long period: $13.9 million.

CBS was at $11.7 million; Fox, $5.6 million; ESPN, $5.2 million; TNT, $5.0 million; TBS, $5.0 million; ABC, $4.4 million, Discovery, $4.2 million; Comedy Central, $4.0 million; and USA Network, $3.0 million.

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