LeadSift And Intentsify Partner On Intent Data Action

LeadSift is working with Intentsify to generate intent data for B2B brands, the firms have announced. 

Thanks to the arrangement, B2B marketing teams will be able to activate this data and engage accounts actively researching specific tools, the companies claim. 

In addition, brands can streamline their workflows. 

“One of the biggest challenges with Intent Data is properly actioning it,” states LeadSift CEO Tukan Das

Das adds that, to “properly leverage intent signals, marketers need to reach buyers via multiple different channels: targeted ads, personalized email nurtures, content syndication programs.”

One client, Nerdery, applauds the new combination. 

“When two uniquely different data sets both identify the same intent signals, that’s powerful,” states John Phillips, director, partnerships & demand generation, Nerdery.



Phillips adds, “When you have a solution that aggregates and digests those signals for you, and then helps you act on those signals to engage prospects, that’s even more powerful, because it’s efficient.”



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