ActiveCampaign Adds Channel Features To Its Customer Experience Platform

Customer experience firm ActiveCampaign has expanded its channel coverage to help brands personalize web pages and other touchpoints throughout the customer journey without forcing them into an all-in-one marketing solution.  

Among other things, the new features will allow users to send personalized one-to-one emails and targeted newesletters, the firm says. 

According to ActiveCampaign, the new capabilities include:

  • Web Personalization— Brands can use the data in their ActiveCampaign accounts to personalize web pages for visitors. This includes past purchases, shopping preferences, interests, demographics and engagement data.
  • Conversational MarketingThis consists of live web chat to provide a personalized touch to websites while engaging sales reps and support in real time.
  • Enhanced Subscription Forms—For capturing leads and contact information and triggering follow-up action.
  • PagesThis enables businesses to build landing pages and send personalized emails on the same platform, utilizing templates. This will be available in late summer.

At least one client expresses satisfaction with the platform. “We engage with customers through a variety of channels, including our ecommerce site, blog, and e-learning workshops,” said Susan Studer King, digital content Director at Floret Flowers. “Prior to ActiveCampaign, it was impossible for our one-person marketing team to connect the dots to deliver a personal experience to every single customer."

ActiveCampaign says its CXA platform enables brands to skip the barriers posted by legacy email, marketing automation, CRM, and service and support systems. 

In addition, ActiveCampaign offers over 300 integrations, including those with Shopify, Twilio, Slack and Typeform, the firm says.  

The automated platform triggers Slack notifications when a customer subscribes to email, creates a support ticket, writes a review, or exhibits other behaviors.

And it triggers push notifications and SMS messages based on actions taken via Twilio. 

“Marketing today goes beyond basic email marketing or marketing automation alone—it’s about influencing a strong, long-lasting relationship with every customer,” states Maria Pergolino, chief marketing officer for Active Campaign. 

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