Tongal Community Sets Out To Help Washington D.C.'s NFL Team Rebrand

Content creation studio Tongal has launched a search to help rename Washington D.C.’s NFL franchise. After weeks of waiting, only to discover the team still can’t decide on a name, Tongal asked its community of content creators to help.

Washington D.C.'s NFL team announced Thursday it would call itself the "Washington Football Team" until it adopts a permanent name after discarding the name Washington Redskins. Tongal believes its community can do better, so through July 29 at noon, pacific creators will have the chance to weigh in.

The award-winning team is set to announce its new name prior to September 13, in an empty opener game against the Philadelphia Eagles. 

Sports fans can go online to submit their ideas, accompanied by a description of the team name in 140 words or less.

Scott Bowen, CEO at Tenovos, a storytelling application platform based in Washington, D.C., said a local grade school was recently renamed from Robert E. Lee to John Lewis. “When the team settles on a name, I hope it can become as progressive as the school,” he said.

Rebranding is never easy and can take months of careful planning. The Washington, D.C. team announced earlier this month it would retire its name, which has long been criticized as a racial slur against Native Americans.

In a USA Today article from 2013, Franchise owner Dan Snyder is quoted as saying the Redskins will “never change the name. It’s that simple. NEVER — you can use caps.”

Rivera told CBS television on Friday the club is "not close" to a new permanent name after announcing on Thursday an interim name for the 2020 NFL season.

"This is going to be about a 16- to-18-month process to do it the right way and really not miss the opportunity to rebrand ourselves, hopefully for the next 100 years," Rivera told the media outlet on Friday.

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