Constant Contact Rebrands, Says It's About 'More Than Email'

Constant Contact has evolved from being an email marketing company only to a firm that also helps small businesses with social media, SEO and other channels. And it has rebranded to reflect that. 

The name is the same, but there is a new logo and a growing set of marketing capabilities, the company claims. 

Among these are ecommerce and website tools, a logo builder, Google ads service and email automation.  

“Not only is it important for small business owners to be able to send great emails, but also to sell their products online quickly and easily, to build clear and informative websites, and even create or refresh their logo,” states John Orlando, chief marketing officer at Constant Contact in an interview on the company blog.

Constant Contact is not the only vendor to have moved beyond email—Mailchimp is another. But an observer might ask why the company feels the need to make this push right now.  



Orlando acknowledges  that “2020 has been a challenging year. It has been challenging for small businesses, for individuals, for the United States and the world, and for our culture.” 

But Orlando contends that "businesses need to continue to evolve especially when times are hard.” For its part, Constant Contact is “powering on," Orlando continues. 

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