What Mom Consumers Want from Retailers During COVID Era

Women with children are the most powerful consumers in the U.S. economy.  They control over $3.8 trillion dollars of spending each year and make 80% of household buying decisions.  Retailers depend on them to meet their back-to-school and holiday goals, to name a few.  

As we move into the most important spending seasons, brands are making changes to attract mom shoppers with COVID fears.

We recently asked a network of mom influencers how they will approach shopping in the coming months.

Moms want to feel safe when shopping in-store.  It seems like a simple statement, but moms want brands to have visibly displayed safety procedures.  They want employees to properly wear masks and have the ability to enforce other shoppers to wear them. 

Moms also appreciate when disposable masks and sanitizer are available.  Large signs on the door outlining the store’s safety steps go a long way to help moms feel confident in your aisles. Many moms noted how much they appreciate how Food Lion, Publix, and others currently make social distancing reminder announcements. 



Moms want shopping options. Many moms admit they no longer venture into retail locations, but are enjoying online shopping and home delivery. Retailers should include all shopping options in marketing materials. Sixty percent of moms say they have been using curbside pick-up on a regular basis since March.

Check-out lines make moms anxious.  The overwhelming request by moms is to open more checkout lanes to shorten the time they must remain in areas with other people. The longer they are in line, the less confident they feel in the store.  And once they get to the register, moms want pay by phone and other contactless paying options. For retailers with self-checkout, many moms noted the lack of plexiglass barriers, which ultimately makes them feel unsafe. 

Moms are worried about your employees.  It’s more than their nurturing behavior that motivates moms to care about frontline workers.  Moms know that the safer employees feel, the better customer service they provide.  They recognize that they too have families and appreciate their need to make a living.  Brands will attract mom shoppers if they empower their associates with safety confidence and the ability to enforce safety measures to keep shoppers safe. 

Concern, instead of currency, should be priority. Yes, moms know as a business your goal is to make money, but moms want retailers and brands to show their hearts. Demonstrate your compassion and kindness to your community and customers during these very difficult times.  

It doesn’t have to be a lump sum donation. Kindness can come in the form of home delivery to older customers, extended hours for medical workers and educators, or expanded return policies. 

Tapping into the spending of mom consumers is more important than ever.  With a little extra effort to win her confidence, retailers can earn her business even as she changes her shopping behaviors.

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