Playing Hockey In Triple-Digit Heat? 'Howl Yeah!'

Just in time for its first playoff appearance in eight years, Arizona’s NHL Franchise, the Coyotes, based in the Phoenix area, has tapped 9th Wonder as its new agency.

The NHL’s playoff season commences Aug. 1. 

The Houston-based shop is tasked with rebranding the team to “energize” and expand its fan base. Mind you, the temperature in Phoenix this time of year is about 118 in the shade. If I lived there, I’d need some energizing, too. 

In addition to a new logo, the rebranding includes a new rallying cry — “Howl Yeah!” — featured prominently in new ads appearing across the state on TV, radio, outdoor and online. 

Some of the ads play up speed, scoring, fierce body checks, and fan exultation with cheering in the soundtrack and the voiceover: “We are the Coyotes. Laced up and battle ready. Can we play-make, regulate, dominate? Howl Yeah!” 

Others tout the team’s “resilience, grit and toughness that only grows in triple-digit heat.”  One spot intersperses a young fan playing street hockey in a cape and close-up of snarling coyotes with on-ice action. There’s also a range of animated banners, billboards and T-shirts. 



The Coyotes is the agency’s fourth pro sports client. It's also handling three soccer teams, including the Houston Dash, which this past weekend won the National Women’s Soccer League Challenge Cup, as well as The Houston Dynamo and the Los Angeles Football Club.


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