Neustar Launches Post-Cookie Marketing Measurement Tool

Neustar has launched a product designed to improve omnichannel measurement in the post-cookie world. 

The new offering, Fabrick, will provide “a reliable identity-based connection across the ecosystem,” states Michael Schoen, senior vice president & general manager of marketing solutions at Neustar. 

Schoen adds that the tool covers “the most important online and offline channels.”

Fabrick interacts with OneID, Neustar’s identity resolution system.  

According to Neustar, Fabrick provides these benefits: 

  • Cookie-free omnichannel marketing measurement
  • Consumer data enrichment/segmentation
  • Media management 
  • Onboarding and identity resolution

For Annalect, Fabrick offers its brand clients “the ability to build their data strategy on an ownable and authoritative identity, and also enhances the precision of Omnicom’s marketing operating system, Omni, while maintaining consumer privacy,” states Joe Raaen, head of strategic partnerships at Annalect. 






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