Google Helps Advertisers Create, Buy Ads On Pandora, Spotify, Other Platforms

Google has been building support for audio advertising and on Thursday announced new tools for advertisers to create ads and connect with listeners on platforms like Pandora, SoundCloud, and Spotify.

One tool, called Audio Mixer, aims to make it easier for advertisers to create audio ads that can run across multiple platforms. This audio capability is found in Display & Video 360 and should simplify the ad creation process, making it easier to find the right audio inventory for brands, as well as improve campaign measurement.

There are multiple times a day that users can be reached through audio -- from podcasts and streaming music to smart speakers -- but creating professional-grade audio ads can be difficult and costly. Creators can add up to five total audio tracks of any type to the Audio Mixer creative.

U.S. podcast advertising revenue is expected to reach near $1 billion, up 14.7% compared with the previous year, according to the fourth annual IAB Podcast Advertising Revenue Report prepared by PwC.

Google’s tools allow creators to layer different tracks to give ads depth, adjust track volume and fade sound in and out without professional audio editing software, and adjust track length and starting time to create a polished audio experience

Google also is helping advertisers connect with audio publishers and view available inventory for their campaigns through programmatic guaranteed deals and tag guaranteed deals.

Audio will soon have its own section in Marketplace, which will highlight inventory from top audio partners including AdsWizz, iHeart, Pandora, SoundCloud, Spotify, Triton Digital, and TuneIn, among others.

The feature will provide marketers with audio-specific information, such as content type to distinguish between music, radio and podcasts.

Ad measurement in Brand Lift evaluates the impact of ad campaigns on brand perception. There are plans to expand on the features in Brand Lift measurement to audio inventory later this year.

Today the features allow advertisers to better understand whether their audio campaigns are impacting brand favorability metrics such as awareness, ad recall, consideration and purchase intent. The offering will also provide programmatic buyers with actionable insights for in-flight optimizations as early as seven days into the campaign, with reporting slices across areas like creative and line item.

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