IAB Privacy Lab Launches In Partnership Between IAB Europe And IAB Tech Lab

IAB Europe in partnership with IAB Tech Lab on Thursday announced the launch of a new service to support National IABs in the development of privacy, data protection, legal compliance, and self-regulation standards, within a technology framework for their respective markets. 

The IAB Privacy Lab will serve National IAB members in regions that are considering or have adopted privacy laws. It will enable members to identify the consumer rights and company obligations their local laws require, so they can incorporate them into local-level standards and technology frameworks.

The group also will offer support and guidance to members, including with legal and policy experts. 

Dennis Buchheim, president of IAB Tech Lab, explained how the IAB Privacy Lab will draw on the strengths of both organizations, their industry network of product leaders and engineers and the track record in creating global technical standards for digital advertising. It also will pull from IAB Europe and the organization’s expertise in privacy policy and legal compliance.

The Tech Lab is organizing privacy and data protection technical specifications to enable global companies to integrate with a shared global foundation that can support distinct regional and national privacy laws and needs.

A pilot project already begun to support the development of a TCF Canada, under the leadership of Sonia Carreno, IAB Canada CEO.

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