Third-Party Cookie Implosion As AI-Powered CDP Mixes With Customer Identity Data Expert

As marketers plan for a future without third-party cookies, Amperity has struck up a partnership with Infutor to offer advertisers an alternative to rebuilding campaigns based on first-party data for which permission has been granted. The partnership is being launched with a handful of large consumer brands in beta.

Amperity, an AI-powered customer data platform (CDP), and Infutor, a consumer identity data expert, believe they can provide brands with a complete solution for connecting persistent customer profiles to third-party data sets. The two have a way of adding attributes to raw data from a variety of premium and privacy-compliant sources.

“Cookies have been on their way out for some time, and many of the important consumer touchpoints today live within walled gardens or in mobile, well beyond the reach of third-party cookies,” said Chris Jones, Amperity chief product officer. “There has already been a compelling business case for marketers to build a foundation in first-party data, and to base their omnichannel strategies on that source of truth.”



Jones said that doesn’t mean the end of third-party data -- quite the contrary. He said marketers will always need third-party consumer data sources to enrich and supplement their core customer data assets, and that can still be done in transparent and compliant ways.  

This partnership solves data problems in numerous ways. “The first step for brands to take to solve this problem is to build a first-party data foundation, allowing them to use the data they collect with customers’ consent, to better serve them,” he said. “Once brands have this capability, they often have most of the information they need without relying on third-party data sources.”

There are often instances where brands want to improve their view of the customer by adding in third-party data, but making and maintaining that connection is often costly and time-intensive, he said. 

Amperity recognized the need to broker special partnerships that can make this process more transparent and cost-efficient for its customers, and as such, the company selected Infutor as its premiere consumer identity data services partner based on the quality, accuracy, and coverage of its robust U.S. consumer datasets, and for its expert service, and compliance-first approach. 

The combination of Infutor's data with Amperity's CDP technology transforms raw data into customer profiles.

Amperity's platform ingests raw customer data across all touchpoints, using machine learning to resolve identities even when records lack unique identifiers. The result is unified customer databases that centralize data from online and offline transactions, loyalty programs, email interactions, and more, enabling brands to efficiently deploy customer data for targeting, suppression, and analytics, all without requiring third-party data.

Infutor’s data will help improve those customer profiles by filling in gaps and ensuring up-to-date information on addresses and other core attributes.

Amperity resolves first-party identities daily, so marketers will only pay for supplemental data as needed. They will also have the option to enrich data on select customers based on Amperity’s predictive analytics.

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