Meredith Corp Launches Data Studio, Partners With Slalom To Scale Consulting Services

Meredith Corp is expanding its client offerings with the launch of its Data Studio.

The Data Studio builds on the company’s proprietary first-party data and offers clients predictive analytics, paid consulting through a new partnership with Slalom and Meredith’s 360 platform, an end-to-end audience insights and activation platform.

With the new platform, clients also have access to consulting services with strategy, technology and transformation firm Slalom. The  Slalom options build on services Meredith has offered to a small number of clients for half a decade, allowing clients to better tailor their work across business, brand, audience and product. 

Alysia Borsa, Chief Business and Data Office, will oversee the Data Studio.

“Meredith possesses rich, exclusive data with massive scale in content-rich environments,” Borsa stated. “Using those assets, we've built an exclusive, in-depth 12,000+-term taxonomy, a proprietary identity graph and over 12 billion intent signals to achieve an unmatched, comprehensive and timely understanding of women and their purchase intent – the holy grail for our partners."



Meredith has served data-driven solutions to clients prior to the Data Studio’s launch, however, new ways to identify new audiences, trends, products and channel opportunities are powered by the studio’s 360 platform, which offers up more than 800 first-party data segments.

Users can create custom segments or leverage their own data to create a more complex understanding of their audiences.

Users also have access to AI-powered, first-party behavior-focused Predictive Trend Reports, which are available across 12 verticals. They help inform clients about emerging trends and shifting consumer behaviors. The Predictive Trend Reports combine with industry insights events, such as the recent Gen Z Summit.

The next summit dubbed Holiday Insights will take place this fall.

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