24/7 To Sell Pre-Roll For Roo Video

Online video provider Roo has tapped 24/7 Real Media to sell in-stream advertising, the companies are expected to announce today. Roo and 24/7 will market the video content to 24/7's network of more than 850 publisher sites.

"In an online media world that's fast becoming all about video, this is our first significant pre-roll network opportunity," Steven Goldberg, vice president of business development at 24/7 Real Media, said. "With 24/7 and Roo, advertisers will be able to easily extend their existing TV campaigns online," along with the Web's ability to target and measure usage, added Goldberg.

Roo mainly licenses the clips from companies like the Associated Press, Reuters, ABC, Sony Music, and Disney. Roo, which has a content library of over 7,000 video titles--including an extensive collection of music, news, sports, health, entertainment, and fashion videos--also produces about 5 percent of all clips itself. Early next year, the company plans to ramp up original production to around 20 percent of its library.

Using its Open AdStream ad management platform, 24/7 will deliver video-based pre-roll ads in front of Roo's streaming video content, and will fulfill other ad units with the Roo Media Player, which is embedded in the publisher site.

24/7 also plans to target ads by demographic and geographic information, as well as Web-surfing behavior at some sites within its network.



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