Subaru Helps Replant Trees In Fire-Ravaged California

Subaru of America is launching creative tied to its “Subaru Loves the Earth” initiative. 

The spot brings to light the record-setting wildfires that devastate California’s forests and ecosystems each year, documented by photojournalist and Subaru owner Stuart Palley.

Additionally, creative highlights the automaker’s newest partnership with the National Forest Foundation. 

“Together with our retailers and the National Forest Foundation, we are planting over 500,000 trees in areas that were devastated by wildfires. We believe in caring for our environment and this spot communicated that commitment,” says Brian A. Cavallucci, national advertising manager, Subaru of America, Inc

There are both 60-second and 30-second versions of the spot from Carmichael Lynch.



Using his Subaru Forester, Palley went throughout the California coast capturing images and video of the forest fires. The spot ends by showing how Subaru and the NFF will be using Subaru Foresters to plant trees.

“We have always used storytelling to communicate how our owners use their Subaru to enhance their life, so when we can, we tell real stories about real owners,” Cavallucci tells Marketing Daily. “In this particular case, we used Palley's actual footage of the fires to make this spot, which leans into the authenticity we try to create in our campaigns, and allows the viewer to see and feel the devastation.”

The spots end with the new tagline “Subaru: More Than a Car Company,” which the automaker first used mid-July, joining the automaker’s signature “Love” tagline.

“People want companies to step up and give back, and at Subaru, we do that a lot,” Cavallucci says. 

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