Internet Brands Inks Deal With AnyClip To Match Online Video With Content

Internet Brands will announce  a video technology deal Monday with AnyClip to use its technology. The deal powers online video across its automotive and travel properties. The idea is to merge data about video views and viewers without compromising an individual's privacy.

The partnership expands on a pilot program that began in early 2020. Internet Brands tested various video player technologies from AnyClip’s Luminous Platform and used the company’s data and monetization services to engage audiences and monetize video plays across various sites.

Judson Penumaka, director for programmatic strategy and revenue of Internet Brands, said the publishers launched the platform on about 100 sites, such as, and, as well as related forums.

“We’re using the platform on about 70% of the sites,” Penumaka said.

Internet Brands wanted a platform to serve videos across its sites based on the content, which is a huge challenge. It requires matching the metadata in the video and on the page. “



We also wanted a recommendation engine that can match videos to the content on the page,” Penumaka said. “If the site visitor is on a page with content about Las Vegas, we can show them a related video.”

There are millions of pieces of video content available and the technology in the platform analyzes more than 10,000 clips daily, said Gil Becker, CEO of AnyClip.

AnyClip will provide full-service ad operations support to Internet Brands, manage the company’s direct-sold video demand channels, provide additional demand for the portfolio’s video inventory and ultimately enable Internet Brands to increase revenue through complete management of its video strategy across its portfolio verticals.

Proving performance means analyzing core metrics, consumption rates and how site visitors engage with the content. In addition to measuring engagement rates, Internet Brands also will measure the number of recommended videos that serve up with the content, Penumaka said.

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