Data Company Eyeota Enters New Zealand And Switzerland With GfK Launch Partner

Global data company Eyeota continues to quietly build out its data onboarding platform, expanding into new regions and taking companies like GfK along.

Eyeota and GfK plan to announce an expanded agreement in New Zealand and Switzerland early this week. By using the Eyeota Onboarding solution, GfK now can activate its offline data as digital audience profiles in 17 countries.

“In Spain, for example, GfK identified 1,645 high purchasing power [in a small geographic area]" consumers as Affluent Spenders, which Eyeota scaled by matching to 7.5 million members of that audience,” said Marc Fanelli, SVP of strategic partnerships and global data supply at Eyeota. “The key is in the onboarding and extrapolation of the research signals into a scaled audience for targeting.”

Eyeota’s propensity modeling and geolocation-matching approach aims to expand the scale of GfK’s offline data by an average of 3,000 times.

The agreement with Eyeota in more than a dozen markets gives GfK data inventory across the globe.

The agreement helps GfK reach new customers, enhance marketing analytics, deepen insights and boost campaign performance. GfK provides brands with access to first-party data they didn’t know they had with help from Eyeota.

Eyeota Onboarding is available to data owners who want to activate their offline data and reach new customers in an online environment.

Offline data is matched to Eyeota’s privacy-compliant online user profiles using a geolocation match key that delivers targetable digital audience profiles with the same attributes of existing customer base.

Data owners retain full control over the accessibility of their digital audience profiles -- choosing to activate within their own DSP, DMP and social networking channels, or monetizing through Eyeota’s global buying platform distribution network. 

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