Share Of CTV Video Impressions Down In First-Half 2020, Mobile App Use Climbs

Although connected TV video impressions continue to climb in the first half of the year, CTV platforms had a lower share of video impressions in the first six months of the year when looking at all digital platforms. That’s because mobile video is growing.

CTV video impressions were at a 37% and 40% share level for the first and second quarters of this year -- down from the previous sequential quarters, when they came in at 47% (fourth-quarter 2019), 51% (third-quarter 2019); and 50% (second-quarter 2019). 

These results -- drawn from data going through Extreme Reach's ad server/management platform -- partly the result of an increase in at-home media usage of all types due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes the rise in mobile app video impressions. 

Extreme Reach points to a sharp rise in mobile app video impressions, registering a 26% share, this while mobile web was at a 12% share.  Previously, mobile app and mobile web were not reported separately. In the first quarter, the two had a combined 33% share of impressions by device.



The second quarter was also affected by where those video impressions came from. 

Media aggregators witnessed their share of video impressions rising in the second quarter-- up to 35% -- versus previous periods ranging from 17% to 22%. At the same time premium publishers registered  lower share in the second quarter -- 65% from previous quarters 78% to 83% level.

The changes are a reflection of the dramatic changes in the advertising economy due to the pandemic.

Extreme Reach, in its report, says: “This suggests that as some advertisers reduced marketing budgets in response to the softened economy, [and that] more of the inventory that was previously available only through premium vendors became available on exchanges.”

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