MSNBC Tops DNC Virtual Event For Day 2, Biden, Trump Ramp Up National TV Buys

Day Two of the virtual Democratic National Convention posted 19.2 million TV viewers -- about the same as Day One -- with MSNBC again pulling the best TV network results.

For the 8-11 p.m. prime-time period, MSNBC had 4.6 million total Nielsen-measured viewers, while Fox News Channel came in at 3.5 million and CNN had 3.6 million.

During the key 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. period -- when much of virtual DNC TV event ran -- MSNBC was at 5.4 million viewers, followed by CNN at 4.3 million, Fox News Channel with 2.2 million; ABC at 2.2 million; and CBS with 2.1 million.

On Day One of the DNC event, the total TV audience -- among 10 networks -- was 19.75 million viewers.

Over the most recent three-day period -- August 17 though August 19 -- the Biden for President campaign had 188 national TV commercial airings, and a total of 145 million national TV impressions were gained from 29 TV networks, according to



In terms of the highest number of Biden impressions over that period, the top five TV networks were: Fox News Channel, CNN, CBS, Investigation Discovery, and TNT.

The Donald J. Trump for President campaign ran a total of 28 national TV commercial airings over that period, yielding about half the impressions that Biden took in -- 77.6 million national TV impressions.

Looking at the most recent 30-day period, Biden spent $5.8 million (1.6 billion impressions) in national TV media, while Trump came in at $1.3 million (775 million impressions).

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