How Jack Daniel's Parent Brown-Forman Proves Content Performance

Brown-Forman, the holding company for Jack Daniel's and dozens of spirit brands, has been working with Tenovos since April to tell stories, connect its brands with consumers, and measure the performance of campaigns.

“About 2,400 users globally have access to the platform and that number grows daily,” said Shelley Schippert, manager of asset management technology at Brown-Forman. “There’s a continuous influx of content.”

Many of those thousands who use the platform have remote access, because most employees are still working from home as a result of COVID-19.

Schippert says Brown-Forman uses Tenovos to store all its digital assets to share globally with employees, agencies, distributors and others, among other functions such as sending the assets over an API to its product information system.



The content is used for brand toolkits, advertising materials and media and marketing assets to promote products.

There are thousands of salespeople worldwide who engage with wholesale and retail companies and reach back into the system to pull out the histories of the brands, tasting notes, recipes and product information.

Schippert has been managing digital assets for Brown-Forman for about 20 years. She has done everything from building a homegrown digital assets management system in Lotus Notes to hosting them on a website. Today the system houses about 776,147 pieces of content.

The next step is to learn how the content performs, who is downloading content and where it is being used. The data will come from a variety of different agencies, so Tenovos will help Brown-Forman analyze performance for a product line across channels.

The company also needed to have a way to attribute campaign results back to the assets.

In addition to Brown-Forman, companies such as Amazon and The Kraft Heinz Company also work with the application platform Tenovos for its technology, which offers the ability to tell stories that entertain and can be measured by connecting their brands with consumers.

Tenovos, which launched last year, announced in July that the company secured a series A investment led by Progress Ventures with participation from Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments (BDMI), Revel Partners and Dublin Capital.

The $4 million round will be used to scale Tenovos’ customer success strategy and invest heavily in product development for its flagship solution Active Story Management (ASM).

"One of the key areas that we're planning to invest in with the newly raised capital is product development, said Scott Bowen, Tenovos CEO..

Better reporting and asset analytics capabilities are on the near-term roadmap, laying the foundation for Tenovos to deliver a quantitative return on asset measure over the full content lifecycle.

Bowen said the technology doesn’t optimize campaigns, but rather connects performance data to the storytelling process with the future goal of predicting and providing recommendations.

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