EMX Adds Inscape Data To Link Linear, CTV For Buying, Reporting

Engine Media Exchange/EMX has teamed with Vizio’s Inscape to launch a data warehousing, reporting and analytics solution that enables brands to link linear TV media delivery to EMX connected TV media delivery, at the household level.

EMX is Engine's end-to-end technology and programmatic solution.

The new EMX CTV Incremental Reach Measurement product was created by adding data from more than 15 million Vizio smart TVs, or about one-fifth of all smart TVs in U.S. households, to EMX's CTV inventory of about 400 million daily impressions across the major networks and channels.

The Incremental Reach product is designed to help advertisers assess the results of their full TV media buys and adjust spending and schedules to achieve reach while minimizing waste and duplication, according to Engine.

Its capabilities include providing deduplicated incremental household reach of EMX CTV versus the client's linear TV delivery; enabling campaign pacing across linear and CTV investment based on saturation and desired target population reach (light, medium, heavy users); identifying data views by day part, time of day, network (linear) and app (CTV); and measurement of frequency across linear and CTV to identify saturation levels within segments and adjust frequencies.

“We are bridging linear TV and CTV with a common measurement standard and solving a complicated need in the market,” said Michael Zacharski, CEO, EMX, referring to the siloing of linear and CTV buying and reporting still commonplace in the industry.



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