Ericsson Emodo, CKDelta Partner To Improve Data Accuracy In Mobile Advertising

Emodo, an Ericsson company focused on data activation and monetization, has partnered with U.K.-based CKDelta, a member of CK Hutchison Holdings, to help improve the accuracy of data in the advertising industry. 

“The partners will focus on addressing problems of fraud and data accuracy,” said Alistair Goodman, GM of Ericsson Emodo. “A Forrester study I read states about 21 cents of every media dollar spent by marketers is wasted on poor data.”  

The one issue alone equates to nearly £55B in waste, globally, he said.

The initial focus of the partnership will enable a range of verification-led advertising solutions designed to reduce waste, build trust, mitigate ad fraud and improve advertising experiences for consumers.

During the past several years, Emodo has been developing technology that scores the accuracy of other data sets. Partnering with CKDelta lets Emodo bring data models and deploy them in its partner’s data models to filter out bad data. The partnership is General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant.   

Using data from mobile operators in the CK Hutchison 3 Group network of mobile operators will verify the accuracy of Emodo’s data. The idea is to improve inventory, targeting, and audience quality for advertisers. Three U.K. will be the first mobile operator in the 3 Group to work with Emodo as part of the agreement, but there is a plan to expand into other countries.

The plan is to extend this strategy to other operators in the 3 Group and its affiliates, which serve around 100 million customers in 12 markets worldwide.  

3 Group is a global brand name under several UMTS-based mobile phone networks and broadband internet providers operate in Hong Kong, Macau, Austria, Denmark, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Sweden and the United Kingdom. 

"Operators have an important role to play in the ad ecosystem," Goodman said. 

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