Small Business Everyday, Facebook Sponsors Campaign Using Google-Backed Venture

Facebook has been taking a lot of heat lately for its role in disrupting American culture -- and especially politics -- so it is worth noting that it is sponsoring a new public service campaign designed to promote its biggest advertising base. No, not the Fortune 500/ANA member class, but the small business owners that constitute the bulk of its ad buys.

Interestingly, Facebook is sponsoring the campaign via a platform kickstarted by Google parent Alphabet's Sidewalk Labs, digital out-of-home network Intersection.

Facebook’s “Power the Comeback” effort is reminiscent of American Express’s “Small Business Saturday” campaign, which uses local retailers in the community the focus and the star of messages promoting local commerce.

The ads, which run on Intersection's screens in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles began last week, and features ad promoting local businesses that provide essential services to their communities (see image showing one in Los Angeles).

“All of our funds are going toward keeping staff, so even though marketing is important, it’s not a place we can allocate our limited dollars right now," Stephanie Hart, owner of Brown Sugar Bakery in Chicago, states, adding: "Our motto is ‘life is sweet.’ We’ve got good cake, we just want to make people happy and be a bright spot in Chicago. Maybe seeing our ad will allow us to do that for more people and help keep my folks employed."

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