Seismic Debuts Interactive Content Platform For Sellers

Seismic has launched a new tool that it says would allow remote sellers to deliver personalized content at scale.

The new solution, Interactive Content, comes close to mimicking an in-person environment, the company says.

The goal is to help firms provide “content types that captivate their audiences and move them through the buyer journey faster,” states Doug Winter, CEO and co-founder of Seismic.  

Winter notes that “content fatigue and information overload have become particularly pronounced in our new all-digital work environment.”  

Interactive Content allows sellers to quickly adapt to buyer reactions and feedback, the firm says.   

Among the companies taking part in an early adopter is Experian.  

“Sending static sales presentations makes it difficult to have a natural dialogue, but Seismic Interactive Content allows sellers to show buyers that they are truly listening and adding value to the conversation,” states Ron Nagel, senior director, sales enablement and strategic CRM initiatives for Experian.

Nagel adds that Interactive Content allows “Experian to provide rich, differentiating experiences to our buyers.”

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