Larger Firms More Likely Than Smaller Ones To Find Lead Generation A Challenge, UK Study Shows

In a finding that seems counter-intuitive, a new study by shows that smaller companies are less likely than larger ones to send non-personalized emails. 

Of the companies polled, 22% of the smaller firms — those with one to nine employees — send generic, non-personalized emails to their entire database, versus 69% of the larger firms, those with 250 or more staffers, according to Kimberly A. Whitler, writing in Forbes. 

The UK study also found that 51% of larger firms rely on cold calling, compared with 15% of the small companies. 

In addition, 70% of small firms are active in social media to promote or sell products or services, beating out larger outfits, in which 67% do so.  

But the big players are more likely to use social media platforms to understand consumers — 76% do so, while only 47% of small firms do.  

In addition, 74% of the big outfits say lead generation is one of their biggest challenges. Only 49% of small businesses say the same. surveyed 750 senior decision makers. 


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