New Botnet Hits Premium Connected TV Platforms

Fraudulent impressions for connected TV platforms that impact advertising dollars were revealed through a new botnet, according to DoubleVerify.

The data and analytics software company says the botnet, called “MultiTerra,” is designed to create fake advertising inventory across CTV and mobile platforms leading to advertisers bidding on fake impressions.

Some of the those unknowingly targeted in the scheme include advertisers and digital platforms that included brands such as Turner, HGTV, Bloomberg, TubiTV, AMC Networks, NBC, Sling, and CBS.

DoubleVerify says MultiTerra generated more than three million fake impressions a day -- on track to see over a $1 million a month in ad dollars lost.

The fast-moving MultiTerra could, via a single IP address, impersonate 16 different iPhone and Android phones, totaling nearly 50 impressions on at least nine different apps in just 20 minutes.

DoubleVerify used machine learning and algorithms to shut down the MultiTerra botnet.

In a recent report, DoubleVerify said that in the first quarter there was 161% increase in connected TV ad fraud.

DoubleVerify says it detects more than 500,000 fraudulent CTV devices a day, and that more than 500 fraudulent apps have been associated with CTV -- more than for the entire year of 2019.



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