Communo, AAF Partner To Support Members Impacted By The Pandemic

Agency and marketer talent platform Communo and the American Advertising Federation have joined forces to provide their members impacted by the pandemic with extra support via special offerings. 

The organizations are basically combining memberships so ad pros signed with Communo and AAF agencies can take advantage of the benefits of both groups. 

Under the arrangement, Communo is offering all 40,000 AAF Professional Members a one-year paid “pro membership.” That’s $24 million in total value if every eligible member takes advantage of the benefit. 

Communo is also offering reduced rates to all AAF agencies, making it somewhat less expensive to bring on talent from the platform at a time when more than 30,000 ad pros are out of work. 

The AAF, in turn, will work with Communo to extend their professional training to all Communo members. Together, Communo and the AAF will work to modernize the approach to community management in the Communo app on a local, regional, and national level. 



Ryan Gill, cofounder-CEO of Communo, stated: “Working with the American Advertising Federation to give their members another opportunity to foster new, lasting relationships in a new community and work together on projects they are passionate about is very important to us.” 

Steve Pacheco, President-CEO of American Advertising Federation, added: “Our work together will allow us to share AAF’s mission with the larger advertising and creative community, and help develop the industry’s future leaders. Most importantly, we’re giving our members new opportunities to collaborate on projects and create compelling work.”


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