Biden Is Beating Trump In Email: Analysis

Donald Trump may have the largest subscriber list, but Joe Biden’s email campaigns are doing better, achieving a 40% higher read rate than Trump’s, according to an analysis by John Landsman, manager of research analytics for SparkPost. 

Biden’s read rate hit 24 in the third week in August, versus 14 for Trump. And in the fourth week, Trump achieved a read rate of 12, while Biden came in at 21.  

The trend continued in the first week of September, with a 12 for Trump and a 20 score for Biden. 

However, Trump is sending many more emails — 538 million in the third week in August, compared to 46 million from Biden. And the President’s campaign blasted out 717 million in the first week in September, while Biden came in at 45 million. Supporters can expect eight emails per day. 

The variance in volume may show that “Biden’s emails are being more precisely targeted, with more personalized content to smaller audiences,” Landsman writes.  

Biden’s subscriber list grew from 7 million on July 31 to 7.5 million on September 10. In contrast, Trump’s went from 16 million to 15.9 million in the same period.

Landsman notes that Biden is leading in fund-raising and the polls. But he has only recently started building his email list, whereas Trump has been building his for years.

Trump deployed more campaigns in July — 953 compared to 575 for Biden. But the Biden campaign has reversed that somewhat, sending 221 in the third week in August, compared to 177 from Trump, and 162 in the first week in September — 52 more than Trump. This was affected partly by the timing of the conventions. 

Despite their email expertise, both candidates regularly land in the spam folder—Trump at a rate of 26% to 33% and Biden from 20% to 36%. But Biden has been improving, while Trump has gotten worse, Landsman writes. 

The differences in the candidates' personal styles are reflected in their subject lines. Biden’s include:

  • Kamala and I will fight for workers and their families.”
  • “[You’re Invited] Rural Farm and Food Workers Labor Day Roundtable” (as reported by Business Insider)”
  • “bridges, not walls”
  • “a country that lives up to its Constitution”
  • “more fear, more lies, more division”

Now consider Trump’s:

  • Watch me DESTROY Joe Biden”
  • “The Left HATES you”
  • “Crazy Nancy is a HYPOCRITE”
  • “Slow Joe will raise taxes”
  • “Jim Crow Joe”
  • “The Radical Left is spreading more LIES” 

Both candidates use proxies—Trump’s emails are often “from” Don Jr., Eric, Lara, Melania, Corey Lewandowski, Mike Pence, Nikki Haley, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Tom Cotton and Newt Gingrich.  Biden has sent emails from such figures as Elizabeth Warren and Madeleine Albright.


Landsman continues that the “Trump campaign has also “long operated a popular swag store, heavily promoted with email. “

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