Comscore Teams With Samba TV To Measure CTV Globally, Starting In Europe

Comscore has partnered with cross-screen TV data and analytics provider Samba TV to expand its connected TV and cross-platform measurement capabilities around the world, starting in Italy and Sweden.

Samba gets its viewing data from smart TVs and automatic content recognition (ACR), while Comscore’s TV measurement is based mainly on cable TV operator data.

The new smart-TV measurement across linear, CTV and over-the-top includes ad exposure data at the program and series level. That will bolster the ability of ad effectiveness studies to reveal the extent to which a campaign achieved its ROI objectives, including tune-in and purchase behavior, according to the companies.

Comscore plans to integrate smart-TV data into its ratings.

"With the rapid shifts across TV viewing behavior, advertisers and publishers can no longer expect their legacy approach to accurately quantify the size of audiences or the effectiveness of advertising,” stated Samba TV CEO and Co-founder Ashwin Navin. “This partnership is a game-changer for global marketers who care about performance, accuracy and data innovation."

Some client companies have already begun new TV measurement projects in Europe as a result of the partnership, according to Comscore and Samba TV, which say they plan to expand into more regions next year.

Comscore was already using Samba TV data in the U.S., for campaign effectiveness analysis and custom studies.

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