The Answer To Annoying Digital Video Ads: Run More

How to make digital video and/or TV advertising commercials less annoying? Maybe the answer is to just run more of them.

For a long time, we were told a combination of buying live, linear TV and digital media advertising yields more effectiveness when it comes to brand awareness, life, likeability and engagement for marketers.

I’m guessing we should add this: a certain level of "legitimacy."

Small to mid-size digital-first companies -- growing by leaps and bounds -- are moving to the higher ground of live, linear TV (if not also connected TV) for increased reach and brand-building capabilities.

You get what you pay for.

Comcast's Effectv ad sales study says: “Digital ads were perceived to be less intrusive and less “annoying” after TV exposure.” So.. more frequency and more exposure are good? Is that the idea? Politicians take note of this for your advertising.



Wondering if, in fact, digital ads are not that annoying, just small in stature. Running on TV gets them big-screen approval -- a minor-league phenom making it to the big leagues.

Also add a surprise factor, looking at seemingly new ad content on a big screen that looks familiar. Smaller screens -- mobile, no doubt -- or possibly laptop/tablet/PC -- might have an effect. (Not for everyone, of course).

The report says: “Brands, no matter what their stage of maturity or size, stand to benefit from a combined TV plus digital strategy... This study proves the memory effects of digital video are enhanced with the brand-building power of TV, and that’s why digital loves TV.”

To be sure, digital-first marketers are looking for new customers, new audience targets that heretofor they missed in the digital media space. We like the idea that some “annoying” content -- with possibly new brand executions -- can turn into “friendly” content.

It is kind of like a yapping, old uncle getting under your skin during a holiday party with some off-color remarks that gets eyes rolling.

Then, when he comes back to Thanksgiving dinner a year later, you think, somewhat entertainingly: “OK, can’t wait to see what this bozo is up to now.”

And then I think -- wait a second, I think I know that guy! The one that's always in the news saying outrageous stuff without any evidence — about everything from voting ballots to immigration to a certain virus during high-level TV press conferences.

In a rift on the whole digital/linear TV combination thing, maybe that guy needs more political TV advertising to be less annoying.

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