Microsoft, Integral Ad Science Partnership Provides Brand Safety Verification

Microsoft Advertising announced an integration with Integral Ad Science (IAS) this week to protect advertisers from unnecessary risks. This partnership initially will roll out in the U.S. Other markets will follow.

Here’s how it works. The IAS will scan, evaluate and rate page risks across Microsoft's network for native ads. Risk will be assigned based on the IAS standards for content categories including Adult, Alcohol, Gambling, Hate Speech, Illegal Downloads, Illegal Drugs, Offensive Language and Controversial Content, and Violence.

When the page content is deemed moderate or high risk, IAS will eliminate it from Microsoft Audience Network’s advertising inventory. The goal is to help brands reduce risk by adding a layer of protection automatically across the Microsoft Audience Network.

Through this pre-bid integration, only validated inventory from IAS will be served on the network.

The network of native ad placements is curated through reviews — human and artificial intelligence. The placements are on Microsoft owned-and-operated sites like MSN, and Microsoft Edge, and on select premium partner properties.



Advertisers can target ads using data from the Microsoft audience graph, including LinkedIn data.

IAS began working with the LinkedIn Audience Network in May 2020 to provide brand safety for all native ads across desktop, mobile web, and in apps.

The integration uses IAS’s predictive technology and real-time data to ensure all campaigns running through the LinkedIn Audience Network are brand safe and fraud free.

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