Amazon Ad Testing Platform Set To Launch From Eye Square

Berlin-based Eye Square, a market research agency, will announce Thursday an ad-testing tool that allows advertisers to evaluate the design, content, and placement of their advertisements as they run on Amazon.

Ephraim Bander, Eye Square’s CRO, believes the company’s expansion from Instagram and Facebook into Amazon will allow marketers to refine advertising on the ecommerce platform in time for the holidays.

Eye Square believes this type of data can help to optimize campaigns. The Amazon Ad Testing Platform enables marketers to test advertisements in live websites such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Now the platform has opened testing on Amazon by leveraging what the company calls “System0,” a proprietary technology that aims to improve results.

Implicit and explicit research is used to gauge emotional responses and effects as consumers are exposed to ads while searching and shopping on the marketplace. The ads are tested as they run.

System0 is an approach to market research in which ads are tested in their natural environment and implicit consumer response and explicit behavior are recorded. It makes results far more predictive and reliable than other approaches. It’s referred to as System0 because it’s an evolution of the traditional System1 and System2 market research approaches in which implicit and explicit responses to stimuli are gauged in a testing environment. 



Eye Square supports companies such as P&G, Porsche, Deutsche Telekom, Nike, and LG Electronics, among others.

Nike, for example, wanted to know if those who came in contact with its ads on YouTube or Instagram led people to Amazon to make a purchase. The test ran between April 15 and April 20, 2020. It turns out that after consumers came into contact on YouTube with one of their ads, consumers spent longer with the product on Amazon after coming into contact with the ad on Instagram, 5.2 seconds vs. 3.8 seconds, respectively.

Eye Square's data also shows YouTube triggers more curiosity about the product, compared with Instagram, 34% vs. 21%, respectively,  meaning the percentage of users who click on the product to explore the product detail page rises.

The technology allows advertisers to evaluate key performance metrics in the context in which advertisements appear to viewers.

Eye Square’s Amazon Ad Testing Platform test banner ads, as well as allows marketers to test campaigns at the digital point-of-sale.

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