Amazon Gains Product Searches, As Google Shares Continue To Fall

Data from analyst firm Raymond James shows a clear increase in searches on Amazon, but also how search engines lost share in September compared with January 2020.

When asked where survey respondents typically begin their search for a product to buy online, 70% cited Amazon in September -- up from 65% in January 2020. The percentage of those searching on search engines fell to 16% in September from 23% in January.

The Wall Street firm recently surveyed 600 consumers across the U.S. to gauge how COVID-19 continues to influence their change in behavior around ecommerce. The company also looked at search behavior on Amazon.

Some 8% said they started their product search on traditional retail stores in September, compared with 6% in January. eBay also lost a bit of share, sinking to 3% from 4%, respectively.

Amazon Prime adoption rose to 73% in September, from 70% in January.

The percentage of respondents who plan to cancel the membership also dropped to 6% from 9, respectively. Those who currently have Prime and are considering signing up fell slightly to 86% versus 89% in January).

Those age 30 to 60 are more likely to be current Prime subscribers. Among those who don’t currently have a membership plan, the youngest is more likely to subscribe in the future.

Of those participating in the survey, 57% expect to shift more of their spending to online following the end of COVID-19. Some 33% of respondents plan to shift significantly more toward online shopping, and 24% plan to purchase modest more online post COVID-19.

Amazon, Walmart and Target ranked as the top three ecommerce sites with 91%, 58%, and 42%, respectively. eBay came in with 38%, followed by Etsy at 25%, Wayfair at 17%, and Wish at 13%.

Age matters. Amazon was popular across all age groups, but Walmart was most popular among 30- to-60-year-olds. Target was most popular with 18- to-44-year-olds, and eBay was most popular with those 45 and older.

When asked to cite the categories survey participants have purchased more online due to COVID-19, 48% cited apparel and accessories, 46% named personal care, 38% cited groceries, and 37% cited home goods.

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