Boomers Plan To Buy More Online, Study Says

Baby boomers, often considered to be backward when it comes to ecommerce, are shopping online more due to COVID-19 — and they intend to keep doing so, according to a study by LaserShip. 

Of the boomers polled, 47% plan to increase their online shopping after the pandemic.

Asked what they like about ecommerce, boomers specify the following:

I find it more convenient to shop online — 46%

I find it more time-saving to shop online — 41%

Shopping online would be a safer option for me/my family — 36%

I have become used to shopping online — 35%

My trust in online shopping has increased — 32%

Meanwhile, 26% of all consumers say expensive shipping is a key reason for not shopping more online. And 19% cite costly shipping as a reason to stop using a given online retailer. 

At the same time, 40% of Gen Z consumers and 37% of millennials are attracted by next-day service — at an increased cost. 

“Meeting consumer expectations with free and fast delivery options and improving the end-to-end shopping experience including shipping can help retailers acquire and retain new customers and position themselves for long-term success,” states Josh Dinneen, chief commercial officer of LaserShip.


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