Anti-Trump Negative Ads Resume With A Vengeance

A few days back, I pondered why the Lincoln Project was easing up on the Trump attack ads after his COVID-19 diagnosis was revealed. 

But as it turns out, it was just taking a short breather and is back with a vengeance. 

Over the past couple of days, the conservative anti-Trump group has unleashed a barrage of ads landing squarely where it hurts Trump the most: the truth. 

Two of the new ads slam his response to the pandemic. One, titled “Recovery,” notes that while Trump has seemingly recovered from his COVID-19 infection, 200,000-plus Americans “will never recover … from Donald Trump.” It ends with a call to action that the November vote is a choice between “America or Trump.” 

LP also released a chilling and sad spot about dying in the hospital after succumbing to COVID, calling it “the loneliest death imaginable,” with no family, friends or other loved ones around to “ease your passing.” It doesn’t mention Trump by name but notes “we could have stopped it,” referring to many of the COVID-related deaths around the nation. “His lying is killing us. We have to stop it. Vote. Him. Out.” 



Yesterday, the group issued a separate ad condemning Trump’s refusal to accept the upcoming election results “unless he wins.” It references the president’s message last week to his “violent, anti-Semitic Proud Boy allies to stand by. Stand by for violence. Stand by for attacks. Stand by to keep him in office at all costs.” 

The choice in November, the ad concludes, is a choice between “ballots and bullets. A choice between America and Trump.” 

Hard-hitting stuff, but then the ads are aimed at someone who acts like a ruthless dictator, not a democratically elected leader. 

Also, it seems the Biden campaign has resumed placing its negative Trump ads, according to Axios.

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